The difference between a gathering and the podcast is that the gathering is not just Susan pontificating. The idea is that you would also like to hear other people talk about issues that concern the intentions of Faithful Ladies.

In 2008 Susan tried arranging a series of workshops and realised that doing this is not as easy as it looks. She encountered all sorts of issues. A speaker found an advert on the website Susan had at the time that he did not like and, to be honest, Susan did not like either. He then decided that if she could put an advert like that on the site this was not the sort of person he wanted to work with. It was not a case of putting the advert on but providing a space for adverts to be displayed and not knowing how to stop those she did not want to appear.

After that experience, an online gathering seems so much easier to organise. It might be but it is not without its challenges. There was one planned for the beginning of 2020 but events overtook her. She suddenly and unexpectedly had a lot of work to do so that Faithful Ladies was able to continue in its current form.


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