Resources for The Transformation Club

This is where a variety of different useful pieces can be found.

Recordings of Zoom calls

They are accessible here in case you want to watch them again or even missed them last time because of your schedule.

twelve steps to transformation

12 Steps to Transformation

Course structure and notes

Library of extras

Blossoming with Lily

There are some interesting ideas here.

Faithful Ladies CAN Transform Society

This is the study on Proverbs 31 and then some.

Food storage

This was one of the very first attempts Susan made to write something that she could sell. It is a compilation of ideas that she has used over the years, especially the ideas she used to build up a store of food in case the fears of the disruption that could be created by Y2K became reality.

Ready for anything

These materials were originally written as the textbook for the Surviving a Household Emergency  course I prepared for accreditation by the Open College Network in 2002. There is plenty of life left in them as it is only the fine details that have ever needed adjusting

Your Money Plan

How can you ever be successful if you do not pick up at least a few basics about handling money wisely?

Ideas from permaculture

Permaculture is a way of growing food that works with creation rather than against it. We can learn a lot from the ideas that they use.

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