Faithful Ladies was set up and is being run by Susan and Susan is also a director of Kingdom Business Development Limited. Therefore there is a close relationship between the two.

Why was Kingdom Business Development Limited set up?

Surely as a one woman business that was in its early stages there was no need to set up a legal structure, like Kingdom Business Development Limited. In the normal course of events that is to early but the problem was that I faced an unusual challenge.

One of the things I knew was that I was a maverick or an outlier in the church. I was about to have surgery and two people offered to pray for me so I asked them if they would use a particular type of prayer. They watched the instructional video and found themselves out of their depth.

When I first joined that church I told the then minister that I was a chameleon meaning that I had learned to fit in with the environment. As he got to know me he realised why I said that. You see I was the one who was willing and able to pray for others in the midst of a conversation in church. Not only that but I have different views on politics and business than most of the other church members.

The problem came when the new minister started to learn bits and pieces about what I was doing outside the church. I was asked to set up a separate legal structure to protect the church. They were afraid that their good name in the community would be damaged by what I was doing. The solution they came up with was to set up a legal structure that the church was comfortable with and that they controlled.

Susan the maverick had no intention of setting up that kind of legal structure for a variety of reasons so I quietly said that it was too early to set up any legal structure. I went home and as I thought through the consequences of doing things their way I became more and more angry.

The financial consequences for me were horrific. I had spent a lot of money on that what I had been doing and that legal structure would ensure that I could not be paid anything other than expenses. There would be nothing to cover the costs already incurred and no ongoing income.

The idea of being controlled was just as bad. I had had one disastrous episode elsewhere when I allowed the church leadership to dictate what I did. They had a different kind of fear and when I tried to do things to ameliorate that fear it all but destroyed what I was trying to do.

I had found out the hard way that operating out of fear, even the fears of those who supposedly knew better than me was an extremely bad idea. I did not want to go through all that again.

The only thing I could do was to follow the alternative procedure that I was given i.e. to insulate what I was doing from the church completely. That is why you will not see the name the church knows me by on this site or any clues about my location other than in the domain name, or the denomination of that church on this site.

This was not too bad until lockdown. The problem was that the new social distancing rules took away everything I was doing apart from the things that I could not tell the church about and the first thing anyone asked me was what have you been doing. I had to find a new way of insulating the church from what I was doing hence Kingdom Business Development Limited was born.

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