This is an offshoot of Faithful Ladies. It is expected to be a prototype for other business ventures. The following text is displayed on the stall.

The Why behind FX Jewellery

FX? All sorts of effects really. Here are just a few of them.

Effects on the community

At the moment only 10% of the daily profits are going to charity. The remainder is going to cover the losses of a previous not quite so successful venture. Once those have been repaid the proportion of the daily profits given to charity will go up to 90% Susan is selfish enough to want to keep 10% for herself.

Effects on the wearers

Every item I make is made with care and blessed as it is handled. The idea is to pass on all the goodness that Susan possibly can to those who wear it. If you want a personalised blessing spoken over you or what you have bought while you are here just ask.

Effects on Susan

FX Jewellery allows Susan to do some things that she either enjoys or knows that she needs to do. She likes making things with her hands. She likes going online and looking for deals. She needs to get more exercise and packing boxes and moving them from here to her home is helpful in that respect. She also likes having the opportunity to have an effect on the lives of others hence she stared FX Jewellery.

You can get updates on FX Jewellery on the Facebook page. (Click here to go there)

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