Susan has written a number of books. In the beginning she used the name most people one her by. Various things conspired to make it so that she was no longer comfortable publishing books in her own name. Therefore she decided to use her grandmother's maiden names. Having to republish them was a great opportunity to edit and even update them. This is taking more time than she hoped that it would. As they are released again, they will be added to this page.

The titles that are in the process of being rewritten are as follows.

Find your Purpose Love your Life

The subtitle of this book is "Leave the past behind and find a new and better future" That is exactly what it is designed to do. It introduces the 3R process which will help you cut the ties between you and the past so that you can move forwards into a new and brighter future. It also helps you find the clues you need to help you work out what that new future looks like.

It is available in paperback on Amazon by clicking here

Faithful Ladies CAN Transform Society

Ideas for any woman who wants to change the world, thrive financially and still be a good wife and mother

This book title has gone through a number of iterations including The Virtuous (and Successful) Woman and Become a Savvy Woman. The text has stayed basically the same but it has been tweaked a bit to match the title. Even the title is a classic case study on how to reach the right audience.

The idea of being a virtuous woman came from the text that I based the book upon i.e. Proverbs31. It was too much of a stretch for some so I changed it to a savvy woman. Still, some people could not appreciate what that meant.

I was struggling to work out what to do next. The answer came after an intense time of prayer. It was after that that I was inspired to do a Facebook challenge within a group called Faithful Ladies Transforming Society.

Much to my amazement, it got some traction and nearly 50 people joined the group. The challenge was as much for me as for them as my intention was to update the text in the light of Covid19 and then read it out chapter by chapter on Facebook lives within the group. That was something of a tech challenge for me never mind a challenge to get it all done within two weeks.

There proved to be a problem with the book I started reading. It stopped too soon. It had a lot of ideas on how to be a faithful woman but virtually nothing on how to transform the world. The only thing I could do was to add the missing chapters. The book grew from in the region of 200 pages to about 300 pages.  Quite a journey.

It is available in paperback on Amazon by clicking here

Heavenly Crafts

The subtitle for this book is "Lessons learned from setting up a community project that uses crafts to enrich the lives of those with learning disabilities (and their carers)"

The new version will include some new chapters added after the challenge that I faced in December 2019 and the challenge the Covid19 pandemic created for the entire world.

Don't trip up over money

The subitle of this book is provisionally "Finding the money to set up and run projects for your community without selling your soul"
Of the four books that has been updated this is the one that needed the most work. It started life as Financing Kingdom Work and was the result of talking to people who were trying to get community projects off the ground. Times have changed and this book needed updating to reflect them hence the new title. A start has been made but there is plenty left to do.

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