Over the years Susan has gathered quite a collection of Facebook pages and groups. These days there are two Facebook groups and two Facebook pages that are kept up to date. There is also a Patreon page that is linked to the podcast.

Facebook groups

God’s Lily and her Friends This Facebook group is the one that Susan keeps for her own personal interests.

The Transforming Communities Podcast from FX Communities  This Facebook group is mentioned at the end of the podcasts as a means of listeners communicating with each other.

Facebook Pages

Susan Slater Morris – author page This is what it says the Facebook page for Susan the author.

FX Jewellery This page was set up to support the FX Jewellery project. The original idea was to post a few pictures and then add the carnivals etc where Susan had booked stalls. Then came the virus and all opportunities to book stalls disappeared.


Susan Slater Morris If you have not heard of Patreon it takes its name from the old idea of artists have rich patrons. In the old days, an artist or a writer would be able to eat and otherwise survive because of their financial support. The modern-day idea take on this is that a large number of people sign up as a Patreon and then get various benefits as a result. Although it uses the same name as the author page it is set up to give rewards for those listening to the podcast.

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