How can Faithful Ladies support you as you transform society?

Here are some of the things Faithful Ladies has to offer.

One of the things you will soon realise about Susan is that she has a quirky sense of humour, hence these images. She found these stickmen in a pack of images she bought to help her with an old project. They were kept safe until they came out to play for this project. This is another typical Susan habit gathering stuff and using it for something else years later.


That stick figure looks a little confused, don’t they? They look as if they could do with a Prophetic consultation.

Get Togethers

Those stick figures are not really fighting they have cups in both hands.. The like to get together so that iron can sharpen iron. The beauty of doing this online is that anyone can join in who can speak English and is awake when they are held.


That stick figure is an old fashioned teacher, a bit like Susan. It made sense to take the ideas and skills she picked up in a proper classroom and take them online.

The acoures are designed to get you off fto a flying and make sure that you don’t make as many mistakes as Susan did on her journey.

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